The importance of renewable gases in the Energy Transition

by Geoffroy Hureau, Secretary General of CEDIGAZ

Hydrogen at the top of the policy agenda

by Armelle Lecarpentier, Chief Economist, CEDIGAZ

  • A key lever for achieving deep decarbonisation
  • Global hydrogen production projects
  • Falling hydrogen production costs

Australia at the forefront of developing a huge hydrogen export industry

by Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe, President, SCG Consulting and Research Associate, CEDIGAZ

  • A neutral, technology-led and export-oriented policy
  • Unique assets to produce green and blue hydrogen
  • H2 under AUD2 / kg
  • Domestic demand to underpin Australia’s export capabilities
  • 88 green and blue hydrogen projects in the pipeline
  • A quarter of global hydrogen export capacity
  • Key partnerships to position Australia as a huge hydrogen exporter

Q&A Wrap up

by Geoffroy Hureau, Secretary General of CEDIGAZ

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